Real Estate Blogs To Promote The Housing Market

Blog and real estate is very good business combination. Expanding your real estate business using the power and coverage of the Internet is one way to improve your venture. The number of real estate blogs is increasing these days, and will continue to soar as many individuals arrive at the idea.

Real Estate Blog

A blog is an online log or a diary that can be accessed by anyone on the Internet. You can personalize a blog’s address according to your preference. You can also post your complete profile, contact information such as email address, portfolio, some relevant ads, and so on.

Considering the real estate market is declining at an alarming rate, especially in the U.S., professionals are now creating real estate blogs to market their personal real estate business portfolio. The number of prospective customers, as well as the ease in maintaining communication between them will boost their profit to amazing heights.

In truth, not all real estate blogs are successful. It all depends on the methods that you used to make it interesting to many of your visitors. If you make it sounds like a hard sell, many surfers will close the window upon seeing the “for sale” sign once the page loads up.

A successful real estate blog depends on the content, and how they provide useful information to many of its visitors. For one, you can post about the trends of real estate. You can make it interesting by putting up stories related it, or even some tips and tricks on how to choose different homes for a family.

Putting up pictures of various real estate designs is also one way to boost your business. You can post pictures of houses, interior designs, modern furniture for the modern household, and so on. After all, pictures do say a thousands words, and its much easier on the eyes.

Aside from that, you can customize your site using search engine optimization strategies to increase site traffic. You can fill your blog with keywords, without losing quality content, to get top rank results in search engines. You can even trade links with other sites to increase manual traffic or subscribing to Web directories to achieve the same goal.

Tips For Setting Up Keywords For Your Real Estate Blog

One of the most common SEO tips to improve site traffic is through the use of keywords. For one, search engines all over the Internet uses the keywords found on your site to determine its rank and placed on the results; the higher your keyword density is, the bigger the possibility for your blog to be in the first page.

If you know how to manually customize your site, include keywords on the headers as well as the body tags. Incorporate different links, as well as posts with keywords attached to them. Make sure that you don’t overdo this, since you might be labeled as a scammer, instead of being an online real estate business.

There is no guarantee on the immediate results you will get from customizing your real estate blog. In truth, it will all depend on the effort that you put into this endeavor whether you make a good profit or not.

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The Basics of Creating a Real Estate Blog

Creating a personal blog is easy. All you have to do is sign up for a free service from a web space provider such as Blogger or WordPress, create a design or get template designs online, and simply post content. However, when the blog is for a professional purpose, the set-up for creating a blog may become a little difficult. So with that, it can be said that creating a real estate blog needs ample preparation. Signing for up free blog space is easy-it doesn’t even take a few minutes-but creating a good real estate website is not.

First off, should you sign up for free blog services? Many top real estate blogs use the services of the likes of Blogger and WordPress. The point is, it doesn’t really matter if you use free web space or if you get your own domain. The deciding factor of the success of your blog is and always will be the content. The design, of course, is also a serious concern. You don’t have to pay for someone to create the layout of your blog-all you have to do is get one that’s easy to browse and supports certain applications for differently-abled.

Of course, the most important part here is the content. How will you create content? Will you personally write them or will you task someone with the job? Before setting up the real estate website, it is important to sort out a schedule which you will and you can follow. Nothing can annoy regular readers more than irregular publishing of post. Therefore, before you make the blog active, make sure you have content good for a few days, then work out a more feasible schedule for there.

As for the content itself, it has to be written in a way that it attracts visitors. This means you have to deal with topics that people are interested in. But more than that, the content has to be written in a certain way. While blogs adhere to the tenets of good writing-and as a blog owner, you have to know these-it is important to realize that Internet writing is different compared to writing for other mediums. For instance, sentences should be short, and it is advisable to break paragraphs to make it easy on the eyes. Make your content relevant to the concerns of the general public; do not write fluff and do not rant.

But beyond the aesthetics is the general purpose of your blog. Of course, the real agenda of the blog is to generate interest for you as an agent and to generate online presence. However, before that, you need an angle. What will your blog be about? Some real estate blogs serve as some sort of real estate website listing own great properties in specific areas. For instance, there is a real estate website/blog about real estate in Canada; obviously, the owners of the blog are realtors from Canada. The blog has done a great deal in promoting Canada as a good place to invest on real estate. And since the readers, thanks to the content on that blog, are conceived that Canada is a great place, it isn’t easy to guess that prospective buyers will contact the blog owners.

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Real Estate Blogging 101 – Improve Your Site to Properly Market Your Business

Blogs, or Web logs, were once used as an online journal to promote an individual’s personal opinion or statement on the Internet. This has been quite a fad ever since it was introduced on the World Wide Web. But today, blogs serves another purpose; and that is to market business for popularity and profit.


The content of your real estate blog is a very important factor that will determine the success of your online venture. It is a common advice to avoid turning your blog site’s content into a direct selling site, since not all of your visitors will be purchasing a property from you.

You need to realize that some of your visitors are there for information. Post informative content about the real estate market to satisfy your readers and to maximize the possibility of turning them into potential clients and customers.

Also, the content that you post will reflect your knowledge in the real estate market. Since a majority of these real estate buyers are interested only to individuals who are experts in this line of business, this is a perfect chance to show off your capability as a real estate agent.


In truth, blogs are quite easy to make, unlike other Web sites that you have to make from scratch. The feature of a blog that makes it a perfect tool for marketing your real estate business on the World Wide Web is that it allows feedback from your visitors.

Your online visitors will be able to comment on any of your posts, which in turn allow you to communicate directly with them. It would be best to reply to these comments in a professional and respectful manner to impress other visitors by telling them that you know what you’re doing when it comes to this line of business. This is especially the case for comments that reeks of a personal attack, to both you and your real estate business.

Also, these feedbacks can be used to adjust the content of your real estate blog according to the demands of your readers. Let’s face it, it’s almost impossible to create a blog content that addresses all your visitor’s needs. The feedback allows you to determine the current demands of your client, and you can make any changes if necessary.


Since a blog is quite easy to create, without the need of hard coding using HTML, it’s quite easy to improve its accessibility by integrating search engine optimization (SEO) concepts into it without any effort.

For starters, you can place keywords into the content of your blog site so that it can be picked up by search engines. The more keywords variations you have scattered around your site, the bigger the possibility that you will be placed in the top ranks of search engine results.

Another way to improve your real estate blog’s accessibility is to propose link building strategies with other real estate blogs on the Internet. You can also make use of Web directories to achieve the self same goal.

Continuous Updates

It is very important that you regularly update your real estate blog with useful content to keep the interest of your readers and patrons. You might want to assimilate RSS Feeds into your blog so that your readers can subscribe to an automatic update every time you put something new on your real estate blog.

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But I Don’t Have The Time: 86,400 Reasons To Start A Real Estate Blog

You need to start a real estate blog.

But before I tell you why, let me answer a question you are probably asking yourself:

“Will a real estate blog work for my business?”

The short answer is YES. A real estate blog WILL work for your business – Guaranteed. But maybe not in the way you think.

Let me explain…

There are at least two ways to define success when it comes to real estate blogs.

The first is monetary success. Does your real estate blog increase the amount of money you make in your business? That result is easy to measure and, although it takes time, is exactly what happens to most real estate professionals that consistently invest in their blog.

The other way you succeed with a real estate blog has more to do with YOU than anything else. There is no greater skill for anyone in sales and marketing to master than that of being able to communicate your ideas in ways that affect people – and encourage them to act.

And that is the skill that a real estate blog will help you develop and improve.

So why don’t more real estate professionals start a real estate blog?

The number one objection I hear when I recommend to my clients that they start blogging is this, “I don’t have the time.”

Now I am a big believer in reality based thinking… In seeing things as they really are NOT how I wish them to be.

So I just don’t buy into the lack of time argument when I hear it.

Here’s why:

One person does not have more time than another. Each day, we all get 86,400 seconds to use in any way we wish.

You make time for what you want to do. After all, you got dressed today right? You made time for an activity you simply had to get done.

So instead of saying, “I don’t have the time.”, A more accurate statement might be, “I am not sure if this will work for me. I am not sure if I want to give it my time.”

But the key here is not to look at blogging as just another task to be completed. I am sure you’ve got enough on your list already. Instead, think of your real estate blog as a regular investment you make in future business.

Of course, whether or not you make the time to start and write a real estate blog is up to you.

But if you do decide to take the plunge, however, here are some basic tips to consider to help get the most return out of your investment.


5 Simple Steps to a Profitable Real Estate Blog


1. Let Your Own Voice Be Heard

Many people will tell you that “they can’t write.” They can’t create the polished prose that they read in this or that
publication. For a blog, that’s PERFECT!

Your own voice (the way you talk, your view on things) is one of the most unique assets you have to separate you from the 999,999 other Realtors(r) in the market place. Don’t hide it. Use it to attract people to you. Just be yourself and let “YOU” come through in your writing.

2. Be Consistent

Consistency works. Rome was not built in a day and neither is any successful real estate blog. Just start small and keep it going. Start with posting just one helpful article a week for your readers.

You can always write more often, but you need to give yourself a manageable goal to start with.

3. Don’t Try To Appeal To Everyone

“Everyone” is not your target market. By just being yourself, you will naturally attract certain types of people and repel
others. That’s good. Using a blog is a great “high leverage” way to filter out the prospects that you should not be working with. So don’t even think about censoring your own opinions and views for fear you might offend someone. If you are being yourself, you WILL offend someone sooner or later. Don’t worry about it. They probably weren’t going to work with you anyway.

4. Keep A List of Blogging Ideas

The time to come up with material for your blog is NOT when you sit down at your computer to write your post. That’s just too much pressure.

Instead, keep a notebook with you as you work with your clients and always be looking for experiences, stories etc. that would be useful to your readers. Jot the idea down right when you think of it. Your daily real estate experiences alone will provide a source for unlimited blogging material, just keep your antennas up.

5. Make Your Real Estate Blog Do Double Duty For You

Blogs are webpages, nothing more.

To take full advantage of blog postings, be sure to have basic search engine optimization principles under your belt or get help from someone who does.

Your blog posts will do two jobs at once: communicate with your readers and help your search engine rankings for your chosen keyword phrases.

So if you are ready to take the leap and get started, take a look at these free blogging services. You can have your real estate blog setup and ready to go in minutes.

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3 Easy Ways To Get Top Quality Real Estate Blog Content

Having a real estate blog is an effective marketing strategy that helps to increase community visibility, and connects you directly with your prospective and existing clients.

It gives you an efficient lead generation system as well, and allows you to gain authority on the topics you are blogging about.

Done for you blogging is a great way to keep your blog up to date with fresh content so your readers will continue to return to you for more information. However, before diving into this topic, let’s explore why you should have a blog in the first place.

Why A Real Estate Blog

Through a blog, real estate agents are able to improve consumer perception and build trust by doing the following:

Publish high quality, informative posts
Being consistently perceived as an authority in their marketplace with blogging
Interacting and engaging in good conversations with readers of their blog
Letting their personality shine – prospects are searching for background information before talking with agents
Demonstrating their talents and professional skills

A real estate blog will help you to do all of this.

Done-For-You Real Estate Blog Content

You can purchase high quality, pre-written blog content from a real estate blog content service.

In one example, you can get 20 professionally written blog posts per month on high quality real estate related topics that your clients and referral partners would find interesting. The great news is that you don’t have to spend hours upon hours researching and writing the content. Just copy and paste the articles into your blog and schedule them to publish.

The content is “ghost written” meaning you can take full credit as the author as well. You can even spend a few minutes customizing the content for your local market, add local keywords for better search engine placement, and give your personal opinions on the article and how it affects your market and client base.

Automatic Blog Content Channels

Just as it sounds, an automatic content channel system uses custom software to publish high quality, professionally written real estate blog posts directly into your WordPress or Blogger website.

Just like the ghost-written blog content option above, this content automatically shows up in your website each business day and it makes you look like a total real estate expert.

With this option, you don’t even have to log in to copy/paste and publish. We just set up the software to publish to your existing blog website and it works automatically.

Automatic blog content channel posting software keeps your blog filled with keyword rich, fresh content to give you that needed boost in search engines as well as staying in front of your sphere-of-influence consistently and professionally.

It is effective, hands-free in nature, reliable, cost-effective and takes off on its own once you set it up.

Guest Blogging

Guest blogging helps to increase website traffic. It is an excellent way to get extra web exposure. Plus, the guest bloggers will have an incentive to promote your site with their post on it as well.

One great way to utilize guest bloggers is to ask other industry professionals that you get referral business from to write guest posts about their industry.

For instance, ask the mortgage lending professional of your choice to write a guest post on a current loan program or special market update. They get the chance to show off their market knowledge and you get a high quality blog post for free.

By far, guest blogging saves you time. Having to keep up posting to your blog can be very time consuming and many real estate agents simply do not have the time. Unfortunately, if you are not posting regularly, your blog will crash and burn.

By hiring professional blogging services, you will be provided with a lot of content to maintain blog quality. You also don’t have to coordinate the content with your guest writers with a professional service. It’s all taken care of for you.

Real estate blogging is definitely something you want to incorporate in your real estate marketing strategy and is a responsive and reliable form of social media. It has shown some excellent results for any business owner and will surely do the same for the real estate agents who know the value and concept of blogging.

You can, as long as you include this complete blurb with it:


Mikel Erdman is a proven marketing expert in the competitive real estate industry having coached and served thousands of agents and loan officers throughout the USA.

See Mikel’s Real Estate Content Marketing Blog for more tips, tools, and strategies to help you get social media marketing results without losing focus or wasting time.

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